CPC for Transport Managers

Any applicant for a standard national or a standard international goods vehicle operator’s licence must meet the required level of professional competency expected by the Traffic Commissioner, or must employ a transport manager who meets this requirement.

The Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (CPC) is the qualification that shows the Traffic Commissioner that this requirement has been met.

To gain the CPC for Transport Managers, candidates must pass two exams which are set quarterly by the OCR exam board.

The Multiple Choice exam consists of 60 questions, all of which have four possible answers. Candidates must identify the correct answer and mark the paper accordingly. This is not an open book exam, meaning that no notes or revision materials are allowed to be taken into the exam room.

The Case Study exam is based around a written scenario that is presented at the beginning of the exam. The scenario is based on a fictional goods vehicle operator, and candidates must study the information provided and answer the 4-8 questions accordingly. This is an open book exam, meaning that notes and revision materials are allowed to be taken into the exam room.


Our intensive classroom course runs for the nine working days preceding the exam, which ensures that all of the information candidates have learnt is fresh in the mind.

To ensure that candidates get the required level of guidance from our trainer, we also keep class sizes small, with a maximum of 10 candidates per course.

Not only do candidates learn the required information for the two exams, but they also learn the exam techniques and skills needed to communicate this information in the way the exam board require.


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  • This is the qualification needed for national and international operator’s licences.
  • It is a nine day intensive classroom course.
  • There are a small number of candidates per course.
  • The content is directly relevant to the day to day running of any transport operation.
  • The course teaches exam techniques and skills.