Operator’s Licence Applications

Any operator of goods vehicles, or vehicle and trailer combinations, with a gross plated weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes requires an operator’s licence.

There are three different types of operator’s licence, and the licence required depends on the type of work undertaken by the operator.


Before an application is made, we can assess whether a business does in fact require an operator’s licence. The legislation specifies numerous exemptions for certain types of vehicles and operators who do not need an operator’s licence to conduct their business.

If a business does require an operator’s licence, we can advise on what type of licence should be applied for. The three types of operator’s licence that can be applied for are:

  • a restricted licence.
  • a standard national licence.
  • a standard international licence.

The financial requirements and evidence that must be submitted differs depending on what type of licence is being applied for. Once it has been established what type of licence a business requires, we can:

  • complete the GV79 application form.
  • complete the INT1 form if an interim operator’s licence is required.
  • complete the TM1 form if a transport manager is required.
  • advise on the financial standing that must be shown and the evidence needed to substantiate this.
  • respond to all subsequent questions from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.


Please contact us for advice on whether your business requires an operator’s licence.