Revocation for “reckless” building firm

Revocation for “reckless” building firm

Revocation for “reckless” building firm

DVSA told business it had broken the law but partners committed the same offence again


A building firm based in Chard will lose its operator’s licence this month after committing the same offence twice.

Despite being given advice by DVSA after the first offence, the partnership did the same thing again two months later.

Kevin Rooney, the West of England Traffic Commissioner, told the business that committing the offence once was a serious error but to repeat it was “reckless”.

The firm twice used an agricultural tractor and trailer in connection with its building activities. The driver didn’t have the right licence to drive the vehicle, which meant he wasn’t insured.

Mr Rooney also found the partnership had abandoned its maintenance responsibilities.

There were concerns over the frequency of safety inspections for vehicles.

Brake testing efficiency on PMIs was just recorded with a tick.

And an advisory defect for a wet fuel tank was repaired 28 weeks after being notified to the operator.

After hearing evidence from the partners at a public inquiry, Mr Rooney concluded they were unfit to continue holding a licence.