TC’s trust breaks down with Woking haulier

TC’s trust breaks down with Woking haulier


A Woking operator who “more likely than not” allowed lorries authorised to his licence to be used by a company whose licence was revoked has now been disqualified.

Sole trader Trevor Matthews, trading as TJ Matthews, had held a licence for 24 years and had never appeared before a public inquiry, but deputy TC John Baker said the operator had shown a level of neglect toward compliance which required firm action.

A DVSA traffic examiner report detailed links between Matthews’ vehicles and the possible use of those vehicles by M&M Transport, which had its licence revoked in 2017.

Before the Eastbourne PI was due to be held, Matthews emailed the TC’s office to say he could not attend due to ill health.

When no medical evidence was provided the TC decided to proceed with the PI in his absence.

In a written decision, TC Baker said the evidence pointed towards Matthews allowing his vehicles to be used by M&M Transport:

“I have no hesitation in saying that I cannot trust this operator – the range and seriousness of the failings to date coupled with the failure to respond adequately to the call-up letter to inquiry all point to an operator who should not be permitted to continue to in the industry.”

The licence was revoked, Matthews was disqualified for two years and he also lost his repute as a transport manager.

Source: Commercial Motor