Transport Brokerage

When planning a complex transport undertaking, it is imperative that every aspect of the operation is properly planned in order to prevent costly delays or damage.


We offer a transport brokerage service in which we organise road transport for both national and international journeys. This includes:

  • sourcing the appropriate type of vehicle and trailer for the product.
  • sourcing the correct number of vehicles and trailers required for the operation.
  • organising any train or ferry transportation in between the road legs of the journey.

Previous and current undertakings include the transport of:

  • animal bedding from Exeter, Devon to numerous locations around the UK. Included sourcing numerous curtain sided trailers with exceptionally large apertures.
  • fishing equipment from Brixham, Devon to Mallaig, Inverness-shire. Involved coordinating the road vehicles’ journeys with the journeys of the trawlers. Also required the sourcing of vehicles and specialised trailers to clear the low bridges in the Scottish Highlands.
  • an oversized industrial wood chipper from Rochester, Kent to Exeter, Devon. The large dimensions of the machine required the use of a vehicle covered by the Special Types General Order.
  • garden plants from Alicante, Spain to Elounda, Crete. This was a time sensitive operation which required sourcing specialist trailers to house the plants, and involved coordinating the road vehicles with the two ferries required to reach the Greek island.


As all transport undertakings are different, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.