Restricted Operator’s Licence Management

Although holders of a restricted operator’s licence are not required to appoint a professionally competent person to oversee their transport operation, they are still expected to comply with the undertakings they agreed to when applying for their licence. These undertakings include ensuring that:

  • drivers’ hours regulations are obeyed.
  • tachographs are used correctly and the appropriate records kept.
  • vehicles operate within the speed limits and are not overloaded.
  • vehicles are kept in a fit and serviceable condition at all times.
  • an effective driver defect reporting system is in place.
  • maintenance records are kept for all inspections and repairs.
  • the number of vehicles being operated and the location of operating centres are permitted by the operator’s licence.
  • the Traffic Commissioner is notified of any changes relating to the operator or overall transport operation.


We offer a continuous management service to holders of restricted operator’s licences to ensure that they comply with their undertakings at all times. This is designed for operators who perhaps:

  • are not fully conversant in the regulations relating to their operator’s licence and vehicles.
  • do not feel confident in controlling the entire transport operation themselves.
  • are too busy to manage the transport side of their business.

Our management service can include:

  • ensuring that all current and future drivers are fully aware of the drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations.
  • analysing digital tachograph data to ensure that the drivers’ hours and working time
  • regulations are being adhered to.
  • inspection of maintenance records to ensure that vehicles are being properly inspected and maintained.
  • establishing and maintaining a driver defect reporting system.
  • managing individual vehicle files to identify forthcoming expiry of MOTs, vehicle tax or tachograph inspection and calibration certificates.
  • periodic on site visits – from once a week to once a year.

Our management service includes 24 hours a day phone support for the operator and all of their drivers.


As all transport operations are different, our management service offers great flexibility and can be shaped to the specific requirements of your business. Please contact us to discuss our tailored management service.